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To begin with, I want to put some myths and lies to rest about my involvement with TFT that have been recently being circulated around the internet, including on certain WordPress blogs.  I completely left and repudiated TFT and Voice Technology (VT) 6 years ago in March, 2004 and since that time have published numerous critical analyses of TFT and also an account of my experience with TFT and Voice Technology.

As I make clear in my published account of my experience with TFT, I never bought into everything Callahan said, hook, line and sinker. There were aspects of TFT and VT I was skeptical about all along and one was the idea that physical problems could be treated with TFT and TFT VT. I am being misportrayed as an unquestioning follower when that was far from the case, as other proponents of TFT know all too well. I was always adamantly opposed to TFT proponents claiming that they could treat physical problems and never believed in this. I continuously warned other TFT proponents to be very careful about this and when people called and asked me if I could treat any particular diseases or physical conditions, my answer was always and adamant NO. I took great care to inform my clients of this up front, that my application of TFT was designed to treat stress and negative emotions, not disease. In fact, Callahan and some of the other TFT proponents’ growing insistence that they could do this was one of the things that caused me to distance myself from TFT because I was never convinced of that.

I certainly never, ever, at any time, in any way, shape or form, used TFT or VT to diagnose disease over the phone. That goes against everything I stand for or stood for, even back when I was practicing it. I made it crystal clear to all concerned that I would not do that. For example, one time I received a phone call from someone asking if I could treat cardiac arrhythmia ad my answer was a definitive, resounding NO. The caller referred to a TFT website article saying that TFT could do that, but I remained adamant that I would not do that and did not believe TFT VT could do that.

Even though I was one of the top practitioners, I was known by other TFT practitioners as a skeptic and I did not just blindly follow everything the Callahans said. People present at the 2001 VT meeting where I created a stir by standing up and challenging Roger Callahan on many points, including the way VT was being portrayed, can attest to that.

I also want to correct some highly misleading information that has been posted about me. While it is true that I did work for Dr. Mark Steinberg from 2001-2006, I completely stopped practicing TFT in 2004 and I make this very clear on my CV, although of course the cyber-smearers who are attacking me left this out.

So please note: I DID NOT PRACTICE TFT OR VT AFTER MARCH, 2004 IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. NOT WITH DR. STEINBERG OR ANYWHERE ELSE. After March 2004, although I was still an employee of Dr. Steinberg’s, I did not practice TFT or VT with him.

That being said, in spite of our disagreements over TFT and VT (which is only a very small percentage of what he does or at least that was the case when I worked for him), I still highly respect Dr. Mark Steinberg, who is an eclectic psychologist who uses a number of different approaches including behavioral approaches that have strong research support. He is highly respected in his field and is considered one of the top, go-to people in his area for working with children who have serious behavior problems and has never needed to resort to coercive restraint practices or other invasive interventions. He also has a marvelous ability to communicate and relate to children and continuously gets referrals from schools and the court system and has a large, very successful practice.

I am sorry to see that Dr. Steinberg is getting pulled into the cyber-smear campaign against me when he has nothing whatsoever to do with my current critical activities. Although the two of us obviously disagree about TFT and VT and I take strong issue with his misrepresentation of it as “scientific” when it is not, I left his practice on good terms with him and there is much he does in his practice (for example, administering standardized psychological and neuropsychological tests and empirically supported behavior management techniques) that I do agree with. He got many children referred to him who had failed in so-called “attachment therapy” who he was able to help.

I’m not sure what the purpose is of my cyber-smearers dwelling on work I did 6+ years ago that I have always been completely transparent and up front about. They must be pretty hard up to find things to trash me over and unable to respond to the numerous substantive issues I have raised.


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